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About ResTex

ResTex Composites, LTD. is a highly respected nationwide supplier of premium quality fiberglass-reinforced plastics since that has been in operation since 1997. Our impressive inventory of FRP products service a wide range of industries and applications. At ResTex, an experienced team of industry professionals provide all of the materials, gear, and safety equipment you need for your fiberglass needs. An exceptional customer service staff is dedicated to ensuring your satisfaction in our products and services.

Fiberglass boat builders and enthusiasts like you rely on ResTex for the most affordable, reliable, and dependable gelcoats, resins, and other materials needed to keep your boat in top condition and looking great for years to come. Our talented team of fiberglass-reinforced products specialists can answer any questions you have and supply you with everything you need for your latest project or job.

ResTex Features an Extensive Online Catalog
ResTex makes it as easy as possible to get the finest fiberglass-reinforced products and materials on the market today. An expansive online catalog allows you to browse at your leisure to find what you need. Search by category or go directly to what you are looking for and checkout with a simple, safe, and secure checkout and delivery process.

Among the wide range of fiberglass-related products available at ResTex include:

    Abrasives and adhesives

    Colorants and pigments

     Core fiberglass materials, such as PVC, Core mat, and PE foam

     Fiberglass cloth products, including chopped strand mat, woven roving, and other directional cloths

    Gelcoat and gelcoat additives

     Gloves, tape, fillers, and other miscellaneous project and safety gear



Top Suppliers in the Industry
ResTex deals only with the top suppliers of fiberglass-reinforced products and related materials in the industry. Among the suppliers we use include:




     Aim Supply



     Bron Tapes

     Carbon Core


     ES Manufacturing

     Hawkeye Industries

     HK Research


     Kayco Composites


     Magid Gloves





     TR Industries

Why Choose ResTex?
At ResTex Composites, we have been servicing the fiberglass boating community and other related industries for over two decades. Whether you are an experienced veteran in fiberglass boat building, maintenance, and repair, or you are just starting a new hobby, our team of knowledgeable professionals can supply you with the materials and gear you need for major projects or minor repairs. Our impressive online catalog is filled with premium quality fiberglass-reinforced products from the finest and most respected manufacturers of boatbuilding and repair materials you can find.

Contact the Fiberglass Experts at ResTex Today
If you are like many of our customers and clients, your fiberglass boat is more than a recreational activity to fill up your summer weekends on the water. It is a way of life that you have invested a lot of time and money in. You deserve the best products and materials that will maximize your boating experience by keeping your boat in top condition using the finest materials available.

Contact our helpful team or browse through our online inventory to find what you need to keep your fiberglass boat looking and performing at its best. Our extraordinary customer service team can answer any questions you have and help you get the products, materials, and gear you need for your next project or job. Get started at ResTex today!

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