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Fiberglass cloth tape


Civilizations dating back to the Egyptians and Phoenicians discovered the valuable properties in using glass fibers for decorative purposes. It was not until a happy scientific accident in 1932 that modern fiberglass was created. A Corning Glass researcher’s glass welding project accidentally revealed an easy way to create fiberglass.

While Dale Kleist welding two blocks of glass together in an attempt to create an airtight seal, a jet of compressed resulted in a shower of glass fibers, he could use to form fiberglass.

Since Kleist's remarkable discovery, fiberglass production has been refined and expanding. Today, ResTex offers a vast inventory of fiberglass products and accessories for use in a wide range of industries and applications.

Types of Fiberglass

Fiberglass can be constructed in custom proportions, sizes, and strengths for specific job requirements. Fiberglass classifications indicate the product's resistance to various conditions that make it suitable for specific applications. For example, alkali glass, or A-glass is resistant to chemicals, as is chemical glass or C-glass.

E-glass is a good insulator of electricity and AE glass an alkali resistant glass. S-glass, also called structural glass, is used in construction for its mechanical properties.

Fiberglass Forms

As technology advances and the demand for lightweight, durable fiberglass grew and forms of fiberglass products increased. Among the range of fiberglass-reinforced products offered at ResTex include:

  • Chopped strand mat
  • Fiberglass cloth
  • Fiberglass rope
  • Fiberglass tape
  • Gelcoats
  • Woven roving

Unique Properties of Fiberglass Products

Fiberglass is a unique material with a large variety of useful properties that are beneficial to many different applications in various businesses and industries.

Strong: Fiberglass is just as strong as steel, but much more durable, flexible, and impact resistant.

Electrical: Even at its thinnest, fiberglass acts as an effective electrical insulator.

Fireproof: Made from a mineral material, fiberglass products are naturally incombustible.  Fiberglass-reinforced plastics materials do not support flame, and do not emit toxic chemicals when exposed to heat.

Stable: Unlike steel, where structural variations are caused by temperature changes and hygrometry, fiberglass retains its linear integrity through all conditions.

Does Not Rot: Fiberglass products are not affected by insect infestations or the presence of rodents, and there is no danger of sustaining water or moisture damage over time.

Low Thermal Conductivity: The low thermal conductivity of fiberglass and fiberglass products makes it an ideal material for construction applications.

Electromagnetic: The dielectric permeability of fiberglass is useful in the design and production of electromagnetic windows.

Insulation: Fiberglass industrial gaskets provide a thermal barrier that serves to protect machinery and conserve energy during production.

Practical Applications for Fiberglass in a Wide Range of Industries

Fiberglass has become one of the most frequently used materials for everyday life. You cannot go far without seeing some form of fiberglass application.

Many different industries use fiberglass materials and products for various uses and applications. Among the popular uses for the vast inventory or fiberglass selection at ResTex is for the building and repairing of fiberglass boat hulls.

The high-quality fiberglass products and accessories in our online catalog can also be used in applications for many other industries, including:

Both military and civilian aerospace industries take advantage of durable, strong fiberglass materials for test equipment, ducting, enclosure, and other applications.

Aquariums, Fountains
Fiberglass is highly resistant to water and moisture and is commonly used to support rock formations in fountains and aquariums of all sizes. Grates made of durable fiberglass protect lights and water spray header fixtures from damage.

The automobile industry relies heavily on fiberglass for the production of the body, part, and other components. Just about every car on the market today contains at least some sort of fiberglass material.

Beverage Production
Bottling line production and brew houses now commonly use fiberglass grating throughout the beverage industry.

ResTex offers a wide range of fiberglass-reinforced products and accessories used in the process of building fiberglass boats and the repair of fiberglass boat hulls and other components.

Car Washes
Car washes are now using fiberglass grating systems to prevent component rust with the ability to present a more dynamic experience in the washing tube. Brighter colors that are unaffected by the water and soap over time even make cars look better and cleaner during and after the process is complete.

Fiberglass grating in areas where chemicals are used takes advantage of the anti-slipping properties of fiberglass, providing a chemically resistant surface.

Cooling Towers
Fiberglass screening for cooling towers provides a safe, water-resistant barrier to protect the towers, as well as any people or animals in the danger zones. Cooling towers are also protected from corrosion, rust, and other damage from water and the elements.

Food Processing Plants
The anti-slip properties of fiberglass grating are also used in chicken and beef processing plants, where many areas use the water-resistant material.

Fiberglass grating systems are used in the manufacturing industry in high slip risk areas, and where other fluids and oils are used.

Marinas, Docks
Fiberglass is not affected by the constant exposure to salty seawater, the sun, or weather extremes. Docks and marinas use fiberglass materials for protection that will last for years to come.

Mining and Metals
When working with the mining industry and electric refining areas that can suffer chemical corrosion, only fiberglass provides the amount of protection and damage resistance needed.

Paper Industry
Pulp and bleach mills utilize fiberglass in areas that are prone to corrosion and slippery areas.

Power Generation Plants
Fiberglass carries non-conducive properties and is commonly used in tank farms, scrubbers and other applications in power generation plants.

ResTex Offers Fiberglass Materials, Products for Variety of Applications

Fiberglass is a lightweight, durable, and strong material that is resistant to many conditions that damage other materials. At ResTex, we have a vast inventory of fiberglass-reinforced plastic products at affordable prices that can be used in different industries and applications.

Browse our extensive online catalog or contact ResTex today for complete information on our wide range of top-quality fiberglass products and accessories.