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About ResTex

At ResTex, we've been a nationwide supplier for the fiberglass-reinforced plastics industry since 1997, offering both top-quality and premium brands. Our inventory of FRP products is substantial, and it's easy to make purchases in our online store. We feature a staff with many years of experience in the fiberglass materials marketplace that will be more than glad to help you, so feel free to contact us with any questions you may have.

If you're one of our long-time customers, let us thank you and ask what more we can do for you. If you have just started a relationship with us, we welcome you. Please let us know how we're doing and if there's anything else you need from us.

If you're just now considering doing business with ResTex, we appreciate the opportunity to impress you. Do not hesitate to ask for anything you require—we always try our best to answer yes!

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